No matter if you are searching for music conforming the requirements of a feature-film, cinema movie, tv series, commercial, trailer, song or pop/rock/metal production: I gained a lot of experiences over the last couple of years collaborating in different projects and I'm always curious about exploring even more musical styles. Everything will be well produced and sounding authentic although the music is just out of my computer. My technical setup enables me to create a variety of sounds from orchestra to intimate small ensembles. But don't get me wrong, I already wrote for live ensembles and orchestra and I would love to produce a real live recording for your next Film, but don't forget to implement this in your budget calculation!

MIDI Mockups and Music Editing

Assisting 52 episodes of a tv series and other pop/rock I could not just prove my skills on authentic MIDI productions and orchestration but also my ability to work as a team setting up the technical demands to share projects over the internet and enriching the music of other artists. Applying your score to a new cut or working on a new version is done already a lot of times. Thus if you need an assistance for a new project or just want your arrangement sound more realistic I would love to help you out.

Technical Assistance and Music-Technology

Looking for a new sound or a more effective template? Since almost a decade I have started to build orchestra templates, which sould make your workflow faster by pursuing the simple rule of making your template smaller, easier to control and open for quick but important changes and decisions. Therefore I highly recommend utilizing Steinberg's Cubase, because it's so called expression maps and possibilities to configure your indivdual preferences will affect your workflow a lot and bring back the fun in our job.

Right now I'm working on an intuitive solution to synchronize your project with a touch- controller. Seeking the next keyswitch or making global mixing decisions is going to be more fun and no longer restricted to your free time. I can't wait to indivdual show, install and configure this service for you.

Education and Workshops

Due to my Dutch bachelor degree in composition for film and theater I'm officially competent to hold lessons. Besides I'm already teaching at the musicube academy (Bonn) and share my knowledge at its online program as well. Additionally I have already given presentations in different musical realms of theory and production.